The Platform

Figur8 Hospitality Loyalty Program provides you the ability to reward your most loyal customers whilst moving your business metrics in the right direction. Influence customer behaviour, create brand ambassadors, and ultimately drive increased retention and revenue.


IBE Integration

Figur8’s Loyalty engine was designed to seemlessly integrate into the Möbius IBE, and can also be integrated into other existing IBE’s through our proprietary Loyalty Engine API; unlocking the power of the programme as an integrated experience for the customer that accompanies them whenver they interact with you on the website, IBE or mobile apps.

Give your customers’ an integrated experience, where their loyalty status and membership personalises their interactions with you when Dreaming, Planning, or Booking, making every touch point more relevant.

Rather than a standalone Loyalty Module, or a Programme that is part of a larger status alliance of many hotels, Figur8 gives hoteliers the ability to tailor and customise an effective loyalty programme that matches their brand, demographic, and specific business goals.

Individual Customer record data forms Ledgers of Activity, viewable by both the customer and the hotel, that can relate to whatever specific Loyalty Mechanisms the hotel chooses to include in their programme. Customer Data and Profiles sit at the centre of this approach to Loyalty, with each individual’s customer profile containing information about their past interactions, preferences, upcoming and past stays.

This experience follows the customer across their interactions with you, from Web and Mobile web, to native Android and iOS apps.

Figur8 provides a variety of integration points that the hotel can manage and configure throughout the IBE, including:

  • Pay with Points
  • Loyalty Profile and Preferences
  • Earning Accelerators and Spending
  • Extra Booking Perks
  • Featured Add-Ons and Bonuses for Loyalty Members


  • Stamp Cards
  • Points
  • Tiers
  • Badges
  • Rewards
  • Polls

Repeat customers are the bottom line

See how figur8 can increase customer loyalty



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