You can target your known users with precision based on historical data, as well as identify like trends across anonymous users to tailor their IBE and web experience, increasing the chance of conversion.

Through our Single Sign On, guest profiles and their associated information are synced across the Centralised Data Warehouse, any integrated PMS, traditional CRM or other connected systems.

The logged in profile forms the basis for many personalised actions that can be enacted via the user’s data when they are engaging on the website and booking engine.

Data Enrichment

Through our data pipeline and integrations to the best enrichment tools in the industry, your customer profiles are continuously enhanced and enriched with third party sources.

Our advanced data harmonization algorithms ensure that profiles are accurate, up to date, and unique.

Audience Clustering

Infiniti enables deep exploration and clustering of all this data to put users into clusters using over 50 filters across the Audience, Acquisition, Behavioural and eCommerce data sets to reveal who your audiences really is, where they can be found, and the best way to target them. Infiniti enables both a historical view of audience performance through reporting and attribution, as well as forward-looking scenario planning, synching directly into your 3rd Party marketing channels.


Data Visualisation Tool

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