The Platform

The Infiniti Platform enables you to track all your customers' demographic, behavioural and eCommerce data in a centralized location, unlocking actionable insights to improve your business. Our automated marketing tools gives you the ability to provide a personalized user experience, greater ROI, and increased revenue. Our suite of data visualization tools give your marketers a view of your customers that they have never had before.

Hospitality Data Visualisation Tool

Our suite of Hospitality Data Visualization tools give your marketers, operations and other stakeholders a view of your customers that they have never had before.

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Hospitality Data Visualisation Tool

Enriched Customer Profiles and Audience Clustering

At the foundation of Infiniti are Enriched Customer Profiles that contain Demographic, Behavioural and eCommerce Data across all users, both 'known' and 'unknown', giving you the power to both personalise and target.

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Enriched Customer Profiles and Audience Clustering
Audience Clustering

3rd Party Automated Marketing

The Infiniti product incorporates an evolving approach that includes integrating with the best of breed third party marketing solutions and providers in the industry to ensure you're receiving maximum advertising ROI, leveraging your data in a targeted and user-personalised way.

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  • Ad Learn
  • adRoll
  • AdWords
  • Appnexus
  • Bing Ads
  • Blueshift
  • doubleClick
  • FacebookPixel
  • Flurry
  • Media Math
  • Millennial Media
  • Nanigans
  • perfect Audience
  • quantcast
  • quanticMind
  • radiumOne
  • shareasale
  • simplereach
  • twitter
  • yellowhammer
  • zaius

Pipeline and Centralised Data Warehouse

Infiniti Pipeline and Centralised Data Warehouse process and store all of hotelier's 1st and 2nd party data in a secure and state of the art environment, tearing down the siloes of segregated data, giving you the power and foundation to put it to work.

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Pipeline and Centralised Data Warehouse

Let data be your guide

See how Infiniti improves the customer experience


Booking platform for today's hotelier

Increase direct business with the industry's leading-edge hotel eCommerce engine. Provide your guests a seamless and Personalised Booking experience with a state of the art cross-channel Booking Engine and Intelligent, Intuitive merchandising.


Loyalty engine with tangible results

Reward and retain customers while positively influencing your important business metrics. Provide your guests a loyalty experience that keeps them engaged at all touchpoints of your relationship.

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