Our clients see booking engine conversion rates of 4.5+ % by using our toolset

Written by Philippe Truetsch , CEO 2P Ventures on November 21st, 2017

5 Ways to Ensure Better Conversion on Your Hotel Booking Engine

In today's eCommerce environment, there are many industries and companies providing great online retail experiences for customers. In the hospitality world, there are far too many hotels and chains not taking advantage of the best practices and tools being used by other companies and industries to maximize conversion and revenue. Quite simply, money is being left on the table. There are a variety of opportunities - low hanging fruit - for hoteliers to implement right now that can make an immediate impact.

Rather than working with various providers and specialists, the Möbius booking engine provides built in tools that help hotels make money in the short and medium term with a one-stop shop solution..

1. Members Only Rates - Your Tool to Beat Rate Parity

Ensure the user knows they won’t see this rate anywhere else

  1. Members Only Rate – Provide the User a Rate that beats OTA parity, and requires them to sign up during the booking process

For our clients, within the first 90 days of merchandising Member Only rates, they have seen 25% of their direct bookings purchase these rates, and over the course of 12 months, have seen their direct booking volume increase by an average of 12%.

The appeal of Member's Only Rates should be obvious; they are private a rate that requires the user to sign-in/up, and hoteliers can sell them lower than what is being offered on the OTA's without violating parity agreements. Hotels use these rates effectively to show users who are primarily motivated by price (85% of travelers according to Google’s most recent study) that this is in fact the best price they will find.

2. OTA Comparison Rates – Our ‘Triptease’ functionality

Help the user do what they’re going to do anyway


Our clients seen a 18% increase in users moving from the Room/Rate selection page to the Check Out Process when OTA Comparison Rates are displayed on the IBE and an increase of 22% in conversion on these user sessions.

2. OTA Comparison Rates – Our ‘Triptease’ functionality is built into the the Booking Engine, used here further emphasizing the Members Only Rate

Recent studies show as many as 40+ sites visited by users prior to making a booking, and during the week prior to booking spending more than double the amount of time online than normal. People shop, they compare, and they do it all over again. Providing them the comparative information they are looking for when they visit decreases abandonments and also provides the user the knowledge they are looking at a trusted and fair price.

The Möbius platform includes a ‘built-in’ OTA Comparison Rate tool in our IBE, eliminating the need for additional third party software such as Triptease. Displaying the OTA rates on your IBE – especially next to your Member's Only Rates - does increase confidence and keeps users engaged.

3. Booking Activity/Urgency Messaging

“I’ll have what she’s having”


Users who see ‘Urgency Messaging’ with their search results complete the booking process in a 12% quicker session time and have a 8% higher conversion rate.

Converting a sale in on a hotel booking engine, in many ways requires some of the same tactics as the corner deli selling sandwiches. A line out the door usually means it's a lunch worth having... 85% of users may say that price is the most important factor when booking, but knowing that others are doing the same helps push people through the journey.

The OTA's have been doing this, and especially Booking.com, with success, for years, and there is no reason to not take advantage of their multi-million dollar research budgets and employ the same tactics.

4. Abandonment Messaging and Funnel Retention

Give them a reason to come back


Our clients have increased bookings by returning visitors by 14% with abandonment messaging.

Abandonment messaging gives users an added value for coming back and booking directly, and providing this Discount or Promo codes with 'time-sensitive' discounts re-enforces urgency, as well as the the point that booking direct will give them their best deal. By giving users an option to email themselves their codes or copy and paste to their clipboard, you are accommodating and personalizing their experience.

5. Start to Personalize - Amazon Style

Make it easy for your customers


Through users re-entering the check out flow through their previous searches, we have seen up to a 10% increase in conversions on repeat sessions.

Far too many hotels’ booking engines make it more difficult than it should be for the users, especially when they are looking to complete a booking across multiple sessions.

  • Personalize the experience for your returning users by making the search, selection and check out process as simple and smooth as possible.
  • Tools such as ‘Previous Search’ enable the user to pick up right where they left off.
  • Provide an experience where the Property, Date, Room, Rate and Personal Details are all the same as their previous session, enabling a ‘3 click/tap’ booking experience.

The Möbius Booking Engine provides our clients these tools as the backbone of our platform, and gives hoteliers the ability to go step by step in deploying different Merchandising weapons and their own pace, and incrementally scaling up.

The evolving nature of user shopping behaviour requires a scalable IBE that respond to the needs and challenges.

Click here to request a demo and learn more about the Möbius Booking Engines Advanced Merchandising Functionality and how we can increase your conversion rate

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