Philippe Truetsch, CEO

As the CEO of 2PVentures, Philippe is responsible for overall strategy and direction, business development opportunities, establishing partnerships and aligning 2P Ventures with market leading partners across the areas of technology, advertising, media and software. Philippe oversees strategy, marketing execution, strategic relationships with partners and technology providers, and brings his vast experience in marketing and business transformation to 2P Ventures.

Philippe has over 15 years experience in marketing, digital transformation, sales, and strategic development across North America and Europe. Over the last 7 years has worked primarily in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, and Sports. He holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zürich/Yale University joint program.

Peter Swain, CTO

As the CTO, Peter is responsible for the oversight, development, integrations and overall technology for all of our clients, in addition to leading the product development team in creating user interfaces. Peter oversees all technical architecture and framework, directs the technical team across all projects and takes the lead for all third party integration strategies, as well as oversee all security, testing, monitoring and performance enhancement.

Peter has over 20 years in IT and Digital experience, having run and successfully exited three different development agencies in Europe and the Middle East. His experience in Big Data spans a variety of industries including Travel, Consumer Health Clubs, Government Health Bodies, SaS, and Life Sciences. He has worked on projects for Apple, Crowne Plaza, Accor, David Lloyd, McDonalds, Northland Group and beVancouver.

David Millili, President, Americas

As President, Americas, David is responsible for 2P Ventures’ business strategy, clients and growth in both North and South America. David works closely with the Management team in Europe to ensure consisteny in product and client servicing across the globe. Prior to joining 2P, David served as chief executive officer and board member of Pegasus Solutions, a global leader in providing technology and services to hotels and travel distributors.

David has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, both as a technology executive, as well as hotel side experience as a former hotel GM of two New York City Times Square hotels. His experiences range from managing pre-opening operations to spearheading multi million budgets.

Harlan Davis, Client Services Director

As Client Services Director, Harlan is responsible for the day to day client relationship and strategic partnerships with all of our clients, as well as helping guide vision and strategy across our implementations and new opportunities. Harlan oversees the day to day communication and execution on both the client and 2PV sides, guiding the execution of the Strategies and Roadmaps, and acts as client advocate.

Harlan has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and technology in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He has lead project teams in digital marketing, product development, media buying, and event based marketing. His background in digital execution and client management on both the client and agency side includes the BBC, HBO, Gartner, Forrester, Northland Group, beVancouver, Apple and Denny’s.

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