The Booking Engine for Today’s Hotelier

Möbius Booking Engine was built with a singular goal in mind: Drive direct bookings and profit for our hotel clients

Möbius Booking Engine caters to the realities of today’s user journey in the travel Path to Purchase. Over the last 5-10 years, ‘knowing your customer’ and providing them with a user experience on par with what they expect in the new digital world became the measure of success to keep up with the transformation.

This is where the Möbius Booking Engine comes in.

It is a strategic tool that accommodates for your users and drives them through to conversion: nurturing them, providing, convenience, and confidence in booking direct.

The end result? Our clients see their direct bookings increase by 30%+.

The industry’s first Booking Engine to provide:

Personalized User Experience

Data Driven Merchandizing

Insights & Recommendation Engine

Möbius booking engine is based on data to Personalize the experience for the user, and not settle for a ‘every customer is the same’ approach. Maximize your conversions by catering to your customers based on what they have done in the past, and what their behaviour indicates.

Möbius achieves the goal for hoteliers to be able to provide customers with the type of service and personal touch online that now only possible on-property.

Our proprietary and state of the art Insights Engine powers our Booking Engine efforts using advanced algorithms and predictive analysis to market and merchandize with greater precision.

Möbius booking engine

20+ Built-In Advanced Merchandizing tools

To drive more direct bookings, hotels need to have the same tools and functionality on their own Booking Engine as the OTAs use. Möbius provides a turnkey solution of functionality out of the box that converts searches into bookings.

Create urgency

Tools such as flash sales, limited availability messaging, and behaviour triggered campaigns will encourage your customers to book, and a seemless check-out makes the process seamless and quick.

Create confidence

Möbius Booking Engine uses customized algorithms to show guests rates and rooms that have been booked by similar customers, and similar times. Best Rate Guaranteed messages let them know that direct is best.

Create Bookings

Amazon Style, one step check-out, and saved and pre-populated profiles for repeat customers make booking – across all devices – a simple and intuitive experience

Turnkey Tools at your Disposal

  • Discount Voucher Codes in the Booking Flow
  • Customisable Campaigns triggered by behaviour
  • Auto save and presentation of previous searches on return visits
  • Funnel Retention Messaging
  • Alternative Rate Suggestions
  • Channel Specific Descriptions (Web, Mobile Web, Apps, Metasearch)
  • Real Time Calendar Pricing and special messaging
  • Flexi-Date Search (+/- 3 and 7 day)
  • OTA Comparison Rate Widgets
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Members Only Rates
  • Room Up-Sells in the Booking Flow
  • Comparison Views (properties, rooms and rates)
  • And many more…

“The Race to the Best Price”: Members Only Rates

Möbius Booking Engine gives hoteliers the ability for customers to have rich customer profiles, and reward them for booking direct. Members Only Rates allow you beat OTA parity, and increase your direct bookings.

Within the first 90 days of selling Members Only Rates, our clients see 25% of their direct web bookings booked this way, and increase their direct bookings by an average of 12% using this tool.

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The Native Mobile Apps provides an additional tool to truly own the customer experience. An industry leading UI combined with an understanding of users’ mobile app behavior, increases revenue through un-cannabalized bookings, increases engagement and loyalty and provides a portal for on-property services, up-sells and experiences.

  • Seamless ‘3 tap’ booking process
  • Personalisation – User profile and saved preferences
  • Enforces Customer Loyalty at the centre of the relationship
  • Multi-Channel Customer Experience complementing Web Booking Engine
  • Geographic marketing and pre- and post- stay communication and sales tool
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Möbius MetaSearch increases Direct Bookings through a fully capable, off-the-shelf integration. Take advantage of built in automated bidding processes, creating an eco-system where all booking channels are catered for and facilitated through one central system.

  • Increase direct bookings and pull back bookings from the OTA's
  • Optimised, customer-focussed MetaSearch Hotel landing pages for maximum conversion
  • Brand presence across Google, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Trivago
  • Flexible commercial models based on business goals
  • Flexible commercial models based on business goals

Call Center Services

As another important direct booking channel, Möbius CRES recognizes the crucial role that the direct phone bookings play in your success. We equip hotel call center agents to maximize conversion by providing them all the tools and history necessary to facilitate bookings at the optimal price point for both you and the customer.

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