Call Center Services

As another important direct booking channel, Möbius CRES recognizes the crucial role that the direct phone bookings play in your success. We equip hotel call center agents to maximize conversion by providing them all the tools and history necessary to facilitate bookings at the optimal price point for both you and the customer.


Conversion Focused

Seamless operator side booking flow to enable fluidity on phone calls that results in more efficient communication and increased bookings and upgrades.

Scalable and Mobile

A web-based, secure platform that doesn’t require any hardware integrations or installations, and enables remote working to maximize operational efficiency.

Multi-Channel Integration

Rates across all channels, Web, Mobile Web, Apps, OTA, Meta can be viewed and searched by agents, always allowing them to provide customers the best and most relevant deal.

Contextual Agent Views

Agents are provided a 360 degree view of the customer, their history, as well as which rates and packages are most relevant for the hotel, based on occupancy and availability.


SmartCall Links

Agents are provided context of where a customer is on the website if they trigger a phone call during their searching and booking journey.

Abandonment Reporting

Every call either ends with a booking, or without one. Our system enables hotels to understand the data and reasons for each call that doesn’t result in a booking.

On-Hold Bookings

Integrate once with Segment and you’re done! Marketers can use the Segment dashboard to funnel all the collected data to the tools they use without having to file a task.

Traffic Light System

Agents can be incentivized and rewarded by booking rates against a Red, Amber, Green weighting that the hotelier can set up and manage based on custom criteria.

Price Matching

Agents are provided the flexibility to create and manage rates on the fly when customers quote a public rate elsewhere that may have been lower.

Loyalty Program Integrated

Customers can have their loyalty profiles crated, updated, and managed through their conversations with agents, provide true value and context in each interaction.

Consolidated Guest History

Full customer profiles available for all agents, including booking history, device history, preferred bed type, and channels.


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