Sandman Hotel Group
International hotel chain with 50+ across United States, Canada and UK

Sutton Place Hotels
Luxury Boutique chain in City Centers and Resort Areas in Canada

"Empowered 55+ hotels to revolutionise their operations, distribution and revenue strategy for today’s marketplace"

Northland Properties is a BC based, Canadian company that owns and operates the Sandman Hotel Group (55+ hotels) in Canada, USA and UK, and The Sutton Place Hotel Company (3 chain luxury hotels).

The hotel divisions of Sandman Hotel Group and Sutton Place Hotel Company have used 2P Ventures technology since 2010.

2PV equipped 55+ Hotels with state-of-the-art distribution and digital infrastructure across CRS, Booking Engine, Call Centre and Channel Management that streamlined operations and enabled data-driven decision making across 5 departments and hundreds of employees in a complex organisation.

This enabled Sandman and Sutton Place hotels to position themselves for the present and future landscape, and to date they have increase their direct booking share and increase their profitability and direct bookings by 31% and millions of dollars.

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The Kimberly Hotel
New York City luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan

"Regained control of the Customer Relationship and Digital Marketing"

The Kimberly Hotel ( on Manhattan’s East Side is a renowned and awarded European-style property in the heart of New York City. The Kimberly is known for its personalized service, charming and long-time staffers, and attention to detail.

In 2017, The Kimberly chose to use 2P Ventures technology.

This provided them a leading-edge Hotel Marketing Website and Booking Engine integrated experience, putting them at the forefront of eCommerce forward thinking hotels in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

They were able to re-gain market share from the OTAs as they were weaponized with state- of-the-art tools such as Members Only Rates, Urgency Messaging, and Booking Perks – tools usually only reserved for the OTAs.

Kimberly was able to increase their conversion rate by 34% and Members Only Rates 2x their booking volume.

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Denny's Restaurant Group
Notorious diner chain in North America

"A ‘Grand-Slam’ of Digitized Loyalty across all of Canada"

Denny’s Canada is the 70+ location Canadian arm of the favourite US-based American diner chain, famous for its providing guests with great food at a great value and constantly working towards becoming the world’s largest, most admired local restaurant brands.

In 2012, Denny’s Canada engaged 2P Ventures to establish a digital Loyalty Programme.

Faced with massive opportunity, Denny’s Canada faced prohibitive technology barriers to provide their customers a loyalty experience they deserved to compete in today’s market.

2P Ventures FIgur8 system integrated seamlessly with Positouch POS system to enable the organization to provide first class digital apps and products – business ops met digital customer expectations for the first time.

2P Ventures mobile apps and loyalty tools provided Denny’s the infrastructure to execute, which produced an increase in 40% expenditure for programme members and processed over $3 million in annual transactions.

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Vancouver Hotel and Destination Association
Official hotel booking site for Downtown Vancouver

"“Bringing self-marketed bookings back to Downtown Vancouver hotels”"

The VHDA is the official Hotel and Customer facing website of the Vancouver Hotel and Destination Association, comprised of 38 Downtown Vancouver hotels and financed by the official DMF, Destination Marketing fund. This is the preeminent Tourism Portal for the city of Vancouver.

In 2013, the VHDA engaged 2P Ventures to establish a customer facing Booking Website and manage its marketing and campaign activities.

2P Ventures launched, which became the largest engagement platform for Vancouver, both for direct bookings, as well as social and community engagement.

Running both the eCommerce side and marketing initiatives for the VHDA, the site and social sites were built from scratch….

… and its height was serving over 100M social impressions, gaining greater exposure than beloved institutions such as the Vancouver Sun, whilst also resulting in over $10M in bookings for the 38 hotels. This changed the game for Vancouver 3rd party bookings platforms, taking a bite out of the OTA share in the market over a 5 year span.

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FC Basel
Storied and historic Swiss Football Club

"“Fans Interactions become usable insights to monetize across the business”"

FC Basel 1893 commonly known as FCB, is a Swiss football club based in Basel that was formed in 1893. FCB has been Swiss national champions 20 times, Swiss Cup winners 12 times, and Swiss League Cup winners once. They have competed in European competitions every season since 1999–2000.

FCB engaged 2P Ventures in 2014 to create an integrated CRM and BI tool and provide their fans a digital facing loyalty tool.

2P Ventures ultimate goal was to help FCB better understand their fans and leverage this knowledge to capitalise commercially.

Through interactive gamification and fan engagement online and on the apps, FCB was able to truly collect data and understand their fans interactions on a level they were never able to prior. They used this intelligence to run targeted, segmented campaigns and initiatives that increased eCommerce transactions for ticketing and merchandise by 50% across the board.

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